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We don’t need an audit, we have the skills and are highly effective…. aren’t we?

At Inspire Governance Services we appreciate that every Governing Body is different, a group of individuals brought together with varied skill sets, ability, knowledge and experience.

As a governor, you want to do your best for your school/academy and therefore the Governing Body needs every governor to be effective in their role.

A skills audit helps the Governing Body to benchmark where they are, look at gaps in knowledge and experience and focus training and development toward areas for improvement.


  • Identify training needs to better support the school
  • Share their skills with others in a coaching or mentoring capacity
  • Be deployed to committees where their skills can be put to best use
  • Gain a confidence to contribute in meetings and bring support and challenge to the leaders


  • ​Plan training for individuals or groups of governors
  • Assign link governors to areas where they can provide support and challenge
  • Have the confidence your Governing Body is strong and ready for Ofsted


  • Begin to look at succession planning, up-skilling the Chair of tomorrow
  • Present Ofsted with a suite of governors who have undertaken targeted training and have in in depth understanding of the school/academy


Nowadays many Governing Bodies find it difficult to have a full quota of governors and often carry vacancies which they find harder and harder to fill.  In the past Governing Bodies have recruited somewhat blindly, bringing on board additional governors who are available to commit time to meetings but who may have no key role to play, aligned to their skills.  Whilst commitment is an essential factor, shouldn’t Governing Bodies also look for particular skill sets in their recruitment, as you would do when filling a staffing vacancy!

​The answer is yes, and with a skills audit, governors can focus recruitment towards skills gaps, for example if no governors have any experience in finance it would be sensible to seek a governor with a background in finance, financial management etc.

This is where the Governing Body Skills Audit from Inspire Governance Services can help to support you in filling vacancies, with the right people who posses the right skills to make a difference .