Welcome to Inspire Multi Academy Trust

Inspire Multi Academy Trust is committed to providing the highest standards within its family of schools.  It has clear aims, clarity of purpose  and a vision that is shared by all stakeholders.  The major aim is to create and foster a culture of high aspiration within all stakeholders and to enable and empower pupils  to achieve to the highest levels regardless of their social or economic background.  The Trust will strive for excellence in everything it seeks to achieve across all five of the participating schools, particularly in attainment and progress, the quality of teaching and leadership and management.  Lifelong learning is at the heart of the Trust and is reflected by the engagement  of all stakeholders in developing and improving learning while providing outstanding progress and achievement for all.

Inspire Ethos

Children are at the heart of all decision making where high aspiration, mutual support, challenge, honesty and inbuilt respect enables all to achieve their potential.

The fundamental commitment is to provide the best possible education for all pupils and the best and most appropriate learning opportunities for all stakeholders.  Learning for all is the essential component where outcomes for pupils are the best they can be as a result of high quality teaching, excellent leadership and management and very high expectations and commitment from all stakeholders at all levels.  A curriculum that is relevant, challenging, engaging, fun, personalised and inclusive will be the platform upon which high quality teaching will sit. This will be incorporated within a shared understanding and commitment and the result of strong and effective partnership work between all groups and stakeholders within the Trust.

Fatfield Academy are delighted to have been included in the 2020 Parliamentary Review

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