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Comments from Our Team

Head Teachers

“Within Inspire Multi Academy Trust I have held a number of leadership roles which I was appointed to via effective succession planning which is integral to the vision of Inspire.”

“Due to the professional journey I have been allowed within the Trust I feel well equipped to deal with the numerous challenges such a role entails.”


“Becoming Headteacher of Burnside Academy has given me the opportunity to provide professional leadership for the school. This is carried out with support from the CEHT, LHT and other headteachers working within the Inspire Trust. This effective support network of professionals allows me to ensure continuous improvement takes place across school whilst ensuring we always offer high quality education for all and high standards of learning and achievement in line with the ethos of the Trust.”

Deputy Head Teachers

“Currently, I am facing my biggest challenge yet – as Acting Head teacher within my school where I am able to utilise the leadership experience and skills I have developed as well as continue to improve my knowledge and experience yet further supported by the CEHT and Trust Head teachers. Overall, Inspire Multi-Academy Trust has given me vast leadership experience and allowed me to thrive on challenges which I have found hugely rewarding, fully supporting my career development through personalised development.”


“As a Deputy Head teacher, I have been given the opportunity to work collaboratively with other Deputy Head teachers within the Trust- developing many successful strategies for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating school improvement.”


“The most rewarding aspect of my leadership role is developing staff. This has been a key and successful role, a role I have thoroughly thrived upon. I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor staff in my leadership roles, providing opportunities to build confidence, nurture talent and leading by example in many situations.”

Assistant Head Teachers

“Since joining Farringdon Academy, I quickly became an integral part of the team. In my first year I was given the responsibility of Subject Leader in Geography and progressed to middle leadership in my second year. I held the position of temporary TLR with teaching and learning responsibilities in reading and phonics which was made permanent in my third year. Over the next year, continual support and guidance provided by the trust enable rapid promotion so in my fourth year, I was appointed the role of Assistant Head Teacher. A role I currently hold.”


“My position as a senior leader and a year 6 teacher has also given me the opportunity to appreciate not only my own teaching style and areas of strength, but the different teaching styles and areas of strength within schools across the Trust and how as a staff we can influence each other.”


“I am currently in role as the Acting TLR 2b at New Penshaw Academy. I began my initial teacher training with Farringdon Academy in September 2011, during my time as a student, I was provided with great opportunities to develop my knowledge of the school as a whole and I worked alongside some inspirational practitioners.”


“Whilst working as Maths TLR, I worked collaboratively with the middle leadership team from across the Multi Academy Trust. This included gaining a wealth of knowledge in leading improvements across the school as well as developing my own knowledge of key developments within the maths curriculum.”


“As a TLR within Inspire Multi Academy Trust I have the opportunity to work with all staff across the school through areas such as Attendance, Child’s Voice, Student Mentor and Safeguarding. I also have the opportunity to work with children across the year groups through work with the School Council and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.”


“I was appointed as Early Years lead via effective succession planning which is integral to the vision of Inspire. Initially I worked within the EYFS team under the previous lead who is now the current Headteacher.”


“I work as part of a Leadership Team, and work alongside and in a supportive role for the middle leaders, I have had opportunities to develop my professional development working alongside a highly effective and supportive Head and Deputy.”


“Since joining the Multi academy Trust in 2016 I have gained lots of experience and opportunities to develop my teaching practice.”


“My NQT mentor was able to identify areas of development and tailor my support to ensure that I could reach my potential as a class teacher.”


“Having known Farringdon Academy from being a student 6 years ago, the school and the trust has become like a family to me. I have been constantly supported throughout my time here. I have always felt included, listened to, valued and recognised. My job plays a big part in my personal confidence and allows me to perform at my best.”


“I have worked at Farringdon Academy for nearly 10 years and began as an NQT and now have achieved the role of Middle leader. I have discovered how the work we do supports the development of the curriculum, staff and school to ensure that all children get the best possible learning experience.”


“The trust is a great support system as we are given the opportunity to meet with other teachers across the trust to plan and share ideas which ultimately improves our teaching. Within the trust we are all responsible for making sure that the pupils are happy and safe and receiving effective curriculum coverage, continuity, progression and challenge.”

Teaching Assistants

“I have been a member of staff at New Penshaw since 1982 working as part of the nursery team and a variety of age groups ranging through nursery to year 6. This helped me develop an aspiration to lead a team one day and as a result I applied to become a higher level teaching assistant. I was successful in my application and given the opportunity to lead the TA staff across the school.


Alongside this, I have implemented and delivered CPD for teaching assistants across the trust. Inspire Multi Academy has developed my leadership skills and I am now part of key subjects across the school. The skills I have developed have been invaluable.”


“The Trust provides regular opportunities to meet up with colleagues across the trust to discuss planning and discuss best practices, where teachers and teaching assistants are encouraged to work collaboratively with each other, which makes me feel valued as part of the Academy.”


“The Trust has provided me with the opportunity to undertake a Foundation Degree in Education and Care, for my own professional development. I completed this in July 2018 and am currently studying at Sunderland University for my BA (Hons) in Education and Curriculum Studies with a view to becoming a primary school teacher.”


“I have been at New Penshaw Academy since nursery and I am currently in Year 6. I have enjoyed it here and met some great friends that I enjoy learning and playing with.”


“I was given the opportunity to represent the school within our school council when I was in year five. I worked with other school council members from across the Trust to talk about the strengths and how we could improve our schools. I must have been successful this year because I was elected Deputy Head boy of the school and I have been given more responsibility with it. I helped write the school action plan and find out the views of the children so that they have a voice.”


“I love learning at Burnside Academy because it is a safe and happy place where everyone is friendly and helpful.”


“The teachers always encourage me to be independent and that makes me feel confident to move onto secondary school.”


“Being a part of the Inspire Multi Academy Trust is good because we get to meet lots of different children from other schools within the Trust. We have taken part in exciting days where we do fun activities together and I got to make friends with the other children from the other schools.”


“I am part of the School Council at Burnside Academy and it is nice to meet up with the other School Council members from the Trust and share ideas about how to improve our schools. The other children and staff listen to my ideas and it makes me feel valued.”