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We offer two types of service to our customers, Standard or Paperless and you decide which one is right for your needs. Both packages are fully inclusive of unlimited support and there are no hidden extras.

Standard Service

The standard service is for Governing Bodies who are not yet ready to give up their paper copies.  We liaise with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to draw up an agenda, we gather the papers together and send them out in the post.

The paperless service is for Governing Bodies who are looking to increase their efficiency and move to electronic meetings.  We continue to liaise with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to draw up an agenda and gather papers however when it is ready to be circulated, we send governors the papers via email.

Governors can then access the documents securely from home.

The school or academy then have two options:

1.  To print papers for governors to collect at the meeting saving on postage costs and preventing sensitive papers falling in to the wrong hands;
2.  To enable Bring Your Own Device (or allow governors to access school devices), allowing governors the opportunity to bring in their tablets or laptops and access the school wi-fi network to access papers.

We offer a full and comprehensive support and clerking service to Sunderland schools and academies which includes:-

  • Advice on governance regulations, constitution, procedures and many other aspects of Education Law;
  • Provision of advice and guidance during meetings to ensure that the business of Governing Bodies (and their committees) is carried out efficiently and in line with regulations;
  • Office based provision, full time, all year round;
  • Unlimited telephone support.  This will include out of normal office hours through a mobile phone ‘hotline’;
  • Convening meetings of the Governing Body and all committees (where we are appointed as Clerk to the Committee);
  • Preparation of agendas and meeting papers for all clerked meetings (within statutory or agreed timelines – subject to customer compliance with deadlines);
  • Provision of advice and objective guidance on procedure, regulation and Governing Body organisation and responsibilities;
  • Production of accurate, detailed minutes of meetings, outlining decisions, discussion, support and challenge;
  • Minutes will be taken on a laptop with production of minutes within 15 school days of the meeting, however we will always endeavour to complete minutes within 10 school days of the meeting date;
  • Completion of follow up action and correspondence on behalf of the Governing Body will be within 5 school days of the meeting date;
  • Monitor the membership of the Governing Body and governors/directors attendance at meetings including Committees where appointed as clerk;
  • Preparation of election material in respect of Staff and Parent Governors – this will include the provision of advice and guidance on the election process for new Governors. (The school/academy will be responsible for printing and distribution – we will prepare material electronically);
  • Liaison with Local Authority or other service providers (HR, Finance, School Improvement, Property Services etc) to assist the Governing Bodies in the execution of its duties;
  • Provide assistance on governor recruitment, registering with the relevant bodies who recruit governors for schools/academies;
  • Undertake a governor skills audit to assess gaps in skills, knowledge or experience to help to target specific skills sets through recruitment activity;
  • Provide induction material for new governors and support them to understand their new role, where governors would benefit from it, this will be via one to one or small groups (or can be provided electronically where governors do not require individual support);
  • Where schools have subscribed to the Local Authority Agenda booklet, we will provide governors with a brief overview of each report at the meeting, including guiding the Governing Body as to their responsibility to each report.